Licos Peak and Her Beautiful Assault

From afar when I was at the top of Lanigid Peak, the guide pointed out a mountain from a great distance. She was bare at the top. She manifested a limestone karst peak. And above all, she was a beautiful sight. This is how my inspiration to climb Licos Peak started. Her vision never left my imagination and gladly, I finally experienced what it felt like climbing her. 
"Overlooking mountain ranges at the top of Licos Peak"

The Ride Up and the Rain
We all have friends who are willing to go beyond the definition of crazy. And for more than 20 years, I am grateful to stay insanely happy with such friends. Our days together weren't limited to make-up and malling. We define our days together basking in the sand, cliff-diving, mountaineering and any adrenaline-pumping activities. I guess that made us stick together. 

So one morning, even if the weather wasn't too friendly, we met up across Civic Buildingin Danao City to pursue a climb.  It wasn't our first time to go on climbing but for the longest years, it was one for the record. I had more climbing moments with Apol but for Mai, there were only few occasions as far as I could remember. 

For a 30-minute ride up on a habal-habal, we arrived at Baranagay Licos, Danao City. This served as our jump-off point for Licos Peak. I couldn't be happier that I would soon be at the top of the mountain I used to imagine months back plus the joy that I would be climbing her with Mai and Apol. 

The Three Kids on the Trail
While we were searching for a guide, the locals helped us by recommending the three kids. We were told that there were two trails we could possibly take. The one on the left was the easier one while the right was the rather unconventional trail. 

We took the local's warning by heart but the kids insisted that we would take the trail on the right. With silent approval, we started our way passing by root crops and other vegetable farm. It was a short 10-minute when we realized that we were slowly ascending in an almost 30-45 degree assault. And our adventure truly began when we were breaking a non-stop sweat. 

One of the Hardest Assaults in my Life
I thought that hard assaults only happened in major climbs. But I was wrong, it happened right in my very eyes. Licos Peak's steep terrain was almost impossible to climb up. The trail though established, the challenging thing to do was to find a steady footing on loose soil and almost nothing to step on. 

We depended on the strong branches for us to hold on. I saw Mai's struggle. And I was silent. I saw Apol's observant and vigilant look. She was ready to take action from whatever danger that could happen to us. I heard myself as well. My breathing deep and tired. My arms and my hands trembling while working on my upper body strength. I continued grabbing my way up to the top while pepping myself to never give up. 

Licos Peak was a beautiful sight and she sure knew how to welcome us. She sure knew how to break our willpower to stop climbing her. She had her tricks at us. But we are iron ladies and the more difficult the trail is, the more determined we are. 

Her Ridge and Her Rule
It was an hour and thirty that we were already the top of Licos Peak. Indeed, she was a beautiful sight. Her treacherous nature was her hidden beauty. Yet she offered a beautiful view of the central mountains and other mountain ranges  and ridges. She gave us a glimpse of our city and the sea. She offered a generous view of the vastness of our Earth. 

We stayed at the top of Licos Peak for two hours before we descended. We asked the kids for the other trail and if it was possible for us to take the other trail down. 

Luckily, they agreed with is and took us to another knee-breaking and 5-meter climb down on the ridge. It was breath-taking and dangerous but somehow we managed to keep ourselves in one piece before we finally made it down on the plain. 

It was that one hour and thirty minutes descent that made me realized the difficulty level of Licos Peak's assault. The trail on the right was not something for the faint-hearted. It was something for the risk-takers and the adventurers. The left was a rather easier one but not to be underestimated. In general though, no matter how high or how low the hills or the mountains are, they shouldn't be underestimated. 

For Licos Peak, thank you for showing us your beauty. Thank you for the beautiful assault! 
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