Wrestled My Way from Tagbilaran to Tubigon: Guts and Sound Decisions

"What a day it was!" 
I could definitely say that all throughout the years of traveling, I managed to exercise sound decisions that eventually led my way out to difficult situations. I was confident walking my way in Tagbilaran City after the workshop I attended. It eased me that sea travel from Tagbilaran to Cebu City only takes 2 hours. What I did not anticipate was the slim chance of having a return ticket to Cebu. So, when I arrived at the ferry outlets, I was greeted by the news, "All Tickets were Sold Out!"
"Not so perfect capture but I love these kids..."

A Little Rewind...
As with this previous post, I planned my travel well here in Bohol. Initially, I had to go back to Cebu before Tuesday since I was invited for a Travel Fair and as an Extemporaneous Speaking Judge in a certain university. Meaning, I would not have enough time to travel around Bohol other than touring Tagbilaran City. I was luckier when the workshop speaker announced that the last day of the workshop would be a half-day. My plan was in place. In a moment, I played with the idea of exploring both the vibrant and quaint streets of Tagbilaran.

"Photo with Maam Gloria before I left the house"

I went back to Oasis Garden House and changed my black dress I wore during the workshop to my usual get-up - shorts, and comfortable shirt. Then I bid goobye to Maam Gloria, the lodge's owner. Finally trotting my way to the city plaza. 

Google Maps was handy. It led me exactly to where I was going. Bohol National Museum. is about 850 meters away from the stature of Christopher Columbus. A short visit in the museum plus sight seeing and people watching would be a wrap-up of my Bohol trip. 

Captured Photos and the Cathedral
Unfortunately, Bohol National Museum was closed on that day. So, I basked my way to the city plaza and saw little children having fun with pigeons. There were also Asian tourists who were feeding these birds. 

The sun was streaking hot. Though I never complained about the weather, I thought of extending my stay here in Bohol for a short beach getaway. Panglao Island, Bohol is just a 30-minute ride from Tagbilaran City and dropping by wouldn't be such a hassle. But again, I needed to stick on my plan because of prior engagements. 

Right across the plaza is the St. Joseph, the Worker, Church. Despite the earthquake that hit Bohol last 2013 and devastated parts of the church, for me, it was still a heritage wonder. A treasure for the Boholanos. 

Nerve Impulses. Quick Decisions. 
I walked another kilometer back to the seaport feeling positive that I could catch a 3 PM trip. But the bad news was, the next sea trip would be at 12 midnight and 6 AM the next day. I went towards the terminal when a guard stopped me and told me that the ticket for a particular ferry was totally sold out. 

I began to scan my memory. During the workshop, I was invited by a nun who told me that they were going to Tubigon. Another town in Bohol which is approximately an hour away from Tagbiliran City. The universe heeded my desperate attempt when I was saved by a student also heading for Cebu. She had the same situation with mine. Finally, we went straight to Tubigon and hoping to catch a ferry. 

Her Name is Linda.
The girl and I fell in line for a ferry ticket when a Chinese lady asked the men ahead of us for the ferry schedule. I was listening to them when I heard that she should catch her 11:30PM flight on that same day. Prior to that inquiry, a certain guy asked his friends if they were willing to pay for an available ticket which cost twice its price. 

Connecting the facts, I told the lady if she would be interested for it. Then instructed the student I was with to look for that man selling those tickets. Luckily, we managed to negotiate and bought tickets for the three of us - Linda, the Chinese lady, Jhaia the college student and me. 

What seemingly a 6-AM trip for another day turned out to be a 6:15-PM trip on that same day. If it weren't for the universe, I wouldn't be back home at that same day I planned to be back. 

Tagbilaran to Tubigon Tips and Fare:
1. Jhaia and I managed to get a ride from Tagbiliran seaport to Island Central Mall (ICM) for 15 pesos which was later on changed to 20 pesos the moment the driver told us that he'll bring us to terminal. I could have had argued but my need to get to the terminal was stronger than that extra 5 pesos. The tricycle driver was way better than the other drivers at the seaport. One driver offered us a ride from Tagbiliran to Tubigon for a cost of 1000 pesos each. The guard at the terminal offered us a van for the same price - 1000 pesos each. Some drivers offered 40 pesos for a ride from Seaport to Tubigon Terminal across ICM. 

2. Tubigon vans (V-Hire) are outside the terminal. They are located at the right portion of the terminal facing the mall. It will take approximately an hour to get to Tubigon. Fare is at 75 pesos. 

3. There are different shipping companies in Tubigon. I was told that most passengers prefer Tubigon port than Tagbilaran when heading to Cebu. When we arrived at Tubigon, the influx of passengers were overwhelming without sarcasm. It was a good thing when we happened to talk to someone who was selling an extra ticket for a very hefty price. From 250 pesos it was marked up to 500 pesos. It will take at least an hour from Tubigon to Cebu City. 

4. Practice Sound Decision. The ability to think quickly taking all necessary measure is a skill I learned all throughout my traveling days. Traveling isn't as wonderful as one think of. Making wise decision in a difficult situation will save you all effort, money and especially, time. 

5. Have the Guts and learn to trust you instincts. Talk to people whom your instinct tells you that you could trust. Learn to weigh things out. Always think before you decide a crucial thing. 

6. Help. Extend your help to people whom you think needed you. It was a wonderful feeling to be able to help that Chinese lady to get back to Cebu and managed to catch her flight back the Shenzhen, China. 

7. Extra Cash. Allocate extra cash. You wouldn't know such situation like delay of schedule, sold out tickets, marked-up prices, overpriced vans would arise.

Here is my first part of my Tagbiliran City stay: Tagbilaran City and Learning to Learn
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