The Physics of Traveling and Life: A Lookback of 2016

One day, I saw two boys walking to school. They were actually racing towards the main gate of the subdivision. One passed by in the grassy area while the other one followed the main road. Then, I remembered distance and displacement.

Distance and displacement. The two are inseparable but never interchangeable. So as the going-on's in one's life. Throughout the years, the journey we take measures how many years we exist - the timeline of conception to death. The distance between breathing and dying. But the ways how developed we are today signify our headstrong battles, struggles and even failures are term fitting for displacement.

Life then is not just a measure of distance and displacement but also a Science of Force and Motion. Take into account Newton's Law of Motion, "an object remains at rest until it is influenced by an external force to cause it to move. Vice versa, an object continues to be in motion unless acted upon by an outside force to cause it to stop." Though there were undesirable forces surrounding us, may it be a death of a loved one, a tragic accident, or a break-up, these could serve as an inertia to channel our feelings to other things. The bad circumstances could help us find deeper solitude for us to become stronger. 

The environment that we are in is a great help for us to move forward; to grow and to develop. It is the synergy to enable us to aim greater in life. It accelerates to something instantaneous and continuous. This is comparable to Newton's Second Law of Motion. "The acceleration of an object is directly proportional to the force exerted and inversely proportional to its mass." The heavier the mass, the greater force is needed to cause it to move. There were situations where we need a massive force to take one great leap for change. Though our pace is slow, we definitely know we will get there at the finish line. 

"In every action there is an equal and opposite reaction," the Third Law of Motion that will complete our life's paradoxes. As explained, two opposing forces interact with each other plus a third force to cause the imbalance making the object to move. When we break away from our routine and when we get out from our comfort zone, and begin to explore the wild and the unknown, external forces are acting on us. 

Traveling from one destination to another, climbing the crag for the first time, even joining a big event and specially acknowledging people who helped us, are simple treasures where the law of interaction is at play. Simply, "do good, and better things will surely pay you off..."

We ask ourselves, "can traveling be really a great help for us to become a better person?" The answer is, "no". We can only be better if we want to be better. There is this Western expression that states, "Work to Live or Live to Work." Everything depends on our attitude. However, we can equate traveling to Physics' definition of work - a method of transferring energy. 

We channel our stress; we celebrate our joys through traveling. In other words, the great amount of potential energy is constantly released through it. We become kinetic and sometimes, unstoppable. Going from one place to another; hopping one island after next. The ability to move is definitely the kind of work that travel does for us - we enhance our attitude towards things and people. We learn to become more considerate. We accept change and even failures. We are at work with our behavior and the environment.

Traveling promotes life. It is not just a countdown of how many destinations you have been or will be going instead, its a countdown of how many smiles you give to strangers, how many times you extended a helping hand to those who needed it, how much aspiration you radiated to others. The inspiration they acquired from you because you are one fitting motivator. 

Like that of Thor's Well, traveling opens up infinite possibility and opportunity - chances that begin and end at the ocean's tides. It keeps us buoyant amidst the gravity and density. No matter how great the force of that ocean waves or how bad the storm is, traveling will keep us afloat and determined that somewhere in the horizon, surely, we can find a piece of land to dock on. 

You see, traveling invites happiness in life. No question about it. It permits us to conceive ideas like that how the universe is born. From the formless void came a sphere filled with so much energy. We are that energy. We travel because we are filled with energy, of ideas, of curiosity, of what it feels like living in a different part of the world. And from it, this energy exploded along with the huge amount of light. We see a great tunnel of adventures and recreations.

Now we have us, jaunting to different places, meeting different people, adapting a variety of culture and even speaking multi-languages. How amazing can traveling bring us to ourselves and to other people. Of course, with a paradigm shift and positivism, we can truly conquer the world as much as we become one with our intuition, our self and our "Personal Legend". 

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