Goodbye, Aerophobia! Hello, Sky! My Flight Tour Experience Aboard Cessna

"RP-C5003, Wind Calm, Runway 04, Cleared for Take-off!" the ATC (Air Traffic Controller) just radioed his clearance for this single-engine aircraft to liftoff. Capt. Tetsuya and Fujio, who invited me for this Flight Tour, were talking something over the pilot headsets. It was Capt. Tetsuya who looked at me behind the passenger seat reassuring me that everything would be fine.

I smiled back and nodded. There wasn't a hint of worry or nervousness in my part. I trusted them both. I knew how confident the crew was and even before we boarded the plane, I saw how careful the orientation was done and how everything was checked way back at the hangar.

I closed my eyes at the moment; imagining how wonderful could have been if humans were to fly like birds. With our wings flapped, we could travel from one destination to another without worrying too much about petrol, booking a flight or even being late in our appointments. Then, I sighed, there would be a massive hiring of ATC's if humans learned how to fly.

The Charter Plane began to move. Taxiing from the hangar to the runway, it waited for a go signal from the ATC before taking off. After a few minutes, I heard the engine roaring and prepping for ascent. Slowly, the lightweight aircraft began to move up. Well, whoever assembled this modern flying object sure knew a lot of aerodynamics.

We were now cruising gradually to its required altitude. The sky was so calm and peaceful. The clouds like feathery pillows. As we flew up higher, I could see how minute the hotels, and houses were. Maybe this was the feeling when Jack was climbing up the beanstalks. He was feeling so mighty looking down since everything below him was so tiny.

I no longer cringed on my seat; instead, I was looking sideways because I wanted to see both views. Normally, I develop this sweaty palm whenever I rode the plane. I am aerophobic. I have fears of flying. It all started when I had a flight from Cebu to Davao. The plane was totally out of bounds. Since then, I didn't want to ride planes whenever I travel.

As the plane cruised along the Olango Island going to Bohol, I gaped at the beautiful views - atolls, islets, the blue seas reflecting its colors to the sky and the lagoons opening its mouth to the vast ocean. From my viewpoint, the world is totally wonderful.

Few dark clouds greeted us when we reached Bohol. There was a little turbulence and our little aircraft danced with it. I stayed calm though I was almost close to hyperventilation. Captain Tetsuya said that it was normal. "We are just riding it out," he said through the pilot headset. I heard my self saying, "ok" with creased foreheads. (I didn't know if I was blushing since the captain looked dashing in his uniform. I think he is mid-thirties and single! Haha!)

As if the weather sensed how excited I was to see the Chocolate Hills from the top, the clouds suddenly cleared up and voila, the hills magnificently presented themselves. The tiny droplets of these land formations are totally nature's wonder. Beautiful!

Glimpsing at the hills, I thought how privileged I am. Being part of the master narrative of this story of life, I accepted a greater view of myself. I shifted these myopic thoughts because I wanted to move forward. These opportunities I have now are fleeting so while they presented these things to me, I'd better accept it with open arms.

As my thoughts shifted, I had the final view of the Chocolate Hills. I literally waved goodbye and sighed. I praised myself of conquering this great fear. Above all, I thanked the chance of having experienced this.

Big thanks to Fujio for inviting me here.
Cebu Top Aviation who organizes Flight Tour.
Capt. Tetsuya for a great tour and yeah, by showing some air circus! I was astounded by that and a little nervous.
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  1. Love those shots from high above! You are one lucky lady to get that one-of-a-kind experience!

    1. Thanks, Adrenaline Romance. It was totally an unexpected invitation. Of course, who am I to refuse this once-in-a-lifetime offer? Heheheh...