Stand-Up Paddle: A New Way to Relax on Water

The weekend is always something I look forward to these days. Though I love my job, there are times that I feel that I am so congested with both admin. and academic works. Heading the Senior High School is totally no joke. I have to deal with growing teenage students, guide teachers and be a responsible Academic Coordinator to the school; not to mention the subject loads I have - Physical Science, Empowerment Technologies and Introduction to World Religions and Belief Systems.  Yay! That busy feel from Monday to Saturday is perfectly a good reason for me to grab my only weekend for a relaxing bliss.

It was the Saturday evening that I sent a message to my friend photographer who is also an adventure enthusiast that I want to try his hobby, Stand-Up Paddle (SUP). I could still remember sometime in August that he invited me but was never realized because of my tight schedule. Nonetheless, I have to make a move for me to unwind. Sending him a message won't cost me anything. Fortunately, after a few minutes, I got a reply from him. 

Remembering that I needed to attend and host a Christening Party on that Sunday morning, I had to squeeze in SUP even if it meant to careflly calculate my hosting time. (I successfully did it! Whew!)

It was 1:50 P.M. when I finally spoke the words of gratitude to the guests, a signal that the part had ended. Then hastily, like that of Cinderella when the clock hit midnight, I ran downstairs and went back home to fetch my things. (Luckily, the reception area was just adjacent to my house). I was transformed into a thrill-seeker, an adventurer with a backpack and my hiking sandals.

Apol was already waiting for me. She even humored about cancelling SUP. The thing about me is this, I truly insist! This, I know by heart that being stubborn is both my strength and my weakness. So I carried on our plan - to SUP, we go!

The ride didn't take that long. It was barely 2 hours when we were at Jollibee, Naga whilst Sir Lito was waiting for us. My eyes twinkled when I saw the long SUP boards at the top of my friend's 4x4 vehicle. With excitement, Apol and I were few minutes away to a newly-found hobby.

SUP or Stand-Up Paddle could be considered both a hobby and a sport. It still had a reputation of being a neophyte outdoor activity in the Philippines. Since there are earlier water sports like kayaking, and surfing, Stand-Up Paddle is a combination of both. You'll get the feel of surfing but less vigorous while you have the relaxing experience of kayaking yet standing up.

Sir Lito introduced to us another SUP hobbyist, Sir Randy. Afterwards, the 11-foot paddle boards were already floating in the water. It was a crashed course for both Apol and me. I remembered that moment when I had a quick surfing lesson in San Juan, La Union. It was the same thing that happened on SUP. We were given the basic instruction while Sir Randy was demonstrating them to us.
"Indeed, it is like walking in the water..."
Apol was quick to learn. She really is an alpha-female. Meanwhile, I was struggling to hold the paddle comfortably. It's length is a whooping 60-65 inches for my 4'11 height. Sir Randy continued the demo until he was confident enough that Apol and me could stir on our own.

The water was at peace. Its placed depth was relaxing as we paddled away from the shore of Naga. I could see the horizon where the sky kissed the sea relating it to the very reason why I was there - kissing myself of the life I have now.

It was Sir Lito who had the idea of paddling towards Naga's baywalk. They cam nearer to it while I was sweating off catching them up. Then I halted. I didn't need to match their speed nor their strength. I was there to relax. So, I sat down on my paddle board (like that of kayaking) then watched them paddle back from where I was.
"The Paddle Board and the Paddle and the Sea...Plus You and Me..."
The sunset came fast. The sky turned orange. The dusk claiming the huge atmosphere with its crimsoned glow totally reserved for the night.

"Wonderful!" I exclaimed to myself.
"Explicitly wonderful," uttering these words while drinking myself with the superb scene playing right in front of me. I was quenching my thirst of this simple yet rewarding experience while looking up at the sky changing its colored curtains.
"Awesome scene!"
And so we went back to the shore pulling along our paddle boards. I was drenched by the experience. Stand-Up Paddle was a perfect stir from my routine work but it did a great job!

Want to learn more about Stand-Up Paddle?
I can refer Sir Lito Lapure for a group or one-on-one lesson. 
You may contact him through his FB: LLpure Actividades.

Thanks to the photos, Sir Lito! As always, so awesome!
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