Campuestohan Highland Resort and the Little Mishap

The alarm sounded at 4 in the morning of the next day. I really had a hard time deciding if I'd pursue my trip to Sipalay or I'd opt to stay in Bacolod. The land trip I took the previous day exhausted me. So, I depended my second day on my body's capability. I dismissed the alarm and went back to sleep. 

It was 6 in the morning when Mai asked me if I would still give a go for Sipalay. Thinking of another long journey, I declined. We were considering another option - Lakawon Island somewhere in Cadiz or even somewhere nearer. The family suggested for Campuestohan Highland Resort located in Talisay City.

I was so lured by the different sights along the way. The sugarcane plantation and the rooster farm all sprawled in this countryside; not to mention the huge and well-designed houses in the suburb. Indeed, Bacolod is a subtle rich kid's paradise. It didn't take me a day or two to realize that. Bacolod is not a laid-back and plain city. It is as bustling as Cebu however exclusive. 

The 40-minute ride brought us to a highland. The family dropped us off at the Campuestohan Highland Resort's entrance as they would be heading back to the city. Before Mai and I could begin strolling, we were already filled with "wow's". Being at the site itself, contented me. I couldn't ask for more - a free excursion with a great company was something I didn't expect. Reason why I always believe that when you truly asked for something and your intentions were real, the universe would surely help you achieve it. I was no longer a hesitant Cebuana traveler compared from my first day. I went back to my natural state - the noble savage. 

Since it was already 12 noon, Mai and I decided to take lunch first before touring the entire area. The log cabin, hardwooden chairs and tables in the restaurant made me think I was in a different region or maybe somewhere not in the Philippines. We chose a seat overlooking the landscape while observing the influx of tourists with their camera-ready attire. Though it took a few minutes for the food server to notice us (Mai went to the cashier area to actually ask for the menu),  we didn't mind so much. Finally, a female food attendant approached us and handed us a menu. 
"From left clockwise: Lengua in Mushroom Sauce, Campuestohan Rice and
Alimusan sa Gata"
I had a hard time choosing what to eat. It has been my practice that whenever I am in a foreign place, I always want to try their specialty. So I chose the foreign-sounding name, "Alimusan sa Gata" while Mai ordered for "Lengua in Mushroom Sauce" and we agreed to have "Campuestohan Rice".

It didn't take long for our food to be served. We stayed in the restaurant with a satisfied tummy before we strolled around.

With a vast grassland and a cool weather, Campuestohan Highland Resort is a perfect weekend getaway or a great vacation spot. It offers different amenities in all age levels - rides for the adventurer and a wave pool for the kids. The area itself, is enough for a picture-worthy moment. It also has unique accommodation. Imagine yourself staying in an Indian-inspired hut or a hobbit house.

Mai and I decided to take the rope course first. I saw how excited she was. Hurriedly, we signed the waiver, went up to the deck, had the attendant wore our helmet, harness as we listened to the instructions. I asked Mai if I could go first. The first obstacle was challenging primarily because I needed to find my balance, and my timing. I was not afraid of heights and I got used of some harder and extreme adventures in the past however, this rope course shouldn't not be taken lightly. Moving instantaneously while suspended up in the air with only the rope, carbines and harnessed to depend on was also challenging. I did not underestimate it. 
I was always looking back at Mai whilst taking one obstacle after another. I felt she was my responsibility. I knew one thing that she was not used of these kinds of activities though she told me that she had tried it before. In my side, I was already tired after the net course. I had to hug the rope and clamped my arms around the rope because I could sense that my fingers were no longer reliable on gripping it. The cool part was the skateboard. It was an awesome 5-second slide! 

The tire challenge caught me off-guard. It was difficult. It required upper physical strength which I knew I didn't have. As I stepped on the first wheel, it swung back and forth. My left hand grasped the rope tightly while my right held the carbine that was clipped to the main rope. Panic rose to me but I reminded myself that I had to continue. Waiting for the tire to swing slow while finding my balance again, I continued crossing to the second then to the third wheel until I was steady again. My muscles almost gave up that I didn't have any choice but to call for help. The rope course assistant came and reached for my arm though he instructed me to let go and swung freely. 

"No, I can continue," I firmly told the assistant. 
I also heard Mai supporting my decision. 
"She would never give up," she added.

The assistant instead of instructing me for the second time to let go, he offered the last tire for me to reach the next post. I told myself to never give up. I could make it and I did.
It was Mai's turn that I saw and realized how difficult the course was. Before she could reach the last three tires, she suddenly shouted.

"I hurt my knee," that was the first scream I heard followed by some more screams.
I was alarmed. I told her to stand quickly before she would further hurt herself. I heard her scream some more so I called the assistant. Finally, she was rescued by the assistant and went down from the third post. 

Mai told me to continue but deep within me I needed to attend to her. After two rope obstacles, I stopped and went down. Hurriedly, I went to Mai while the medics attended to her. Her, being a nurse, knew what was happening. She had strained her left knee and could no longer straighten it. I could see her in pain and it was an excruciating pain. I reminded myself to hold still though I was close to crying and yeah, panicking. There was even a moment where I blamed myself why she ended that way. I wished I stopped her from doing it. I wished I rescued her immediately. But it wasn't the time for blaming.

She continued screaming that the nurse finally decided that she should be brought to the hospital. I asked Mai if she agreed with it and with her consent, we found ourselves inside the ambulance with the resort's nurse heading to the Doctor's Hospital in Bacolod City for medical treatment. It was a mishap. An accident we could have had avoided.

Lessons learned and some comments:
1. When taking an activity for the first time specially if it is an extreme activity, always consider and ask yourself if you are fit both mentally and physically. Engaging into extreme sports/activities require not only your physical strength or endurance but also your mental prowess. 

2. It is okay to give up. Nothing will judge you if you can't finish the course or if in the middle of the activity you felt tired. Somehow, we need to learn to let go and save ourselves from any untoward incident.

3. (In the part of the resort) I commend the resort for bringing us to the hospital and paying all the medical bill. However, I have some points to add: 
a.) the assistant on the rope course must be ready all the time. Meaning, they should also wear safety equipment for immediate response to accident. 
b.) total coordination from the registration-in-charge who holds the waiver, the assistant, and the nurse. In case of emergency, the registration-in-charge must call the number the client has written in the waiver to inform the client's significant other(s) about the accident. The assistant will immediately assist the client, and the nurse should decide right away what first aid attention should be given to the patient.

4. (In the hospital) It is always a sad part that most personnel in the hospital have become less emphatic and too relaxed in giving proper patient care. Mai and I are nurses and we believe that the essence of the nursing profession is that wellness and recovery of the patient depends on the amount and kind of care healthcare providers give to him/her. 

Unfortunately, in the emergency room, I was only instructed to fill-in a sheet of paper for the patient. It was the patient's information sheet and at the back was a waiver. I asked the nurse about what procedure and the type of care were they going to do with Mai. 

It is the responsibility of the E.R. doctor to explain thoroughly to the patient and patient's S.O. about it before the patient (if able) signs the waiver. But not in this hospital. In our disappointment, Mai signed the waiver even without knowing what she had to face. 

Secondly, when the doctor made his assessment, he asked if Mai had wounds. (They were talking in Ilonggo but I had Mai translate it for me.) Mai clearly answered that she didn't have any. The doctor left after the short assessment and in a few minutes, he gave me a prescription. I showed it to Mai but then we had our eyes questioning each other. It was wrong prescription. 

Finally, when the doctor came back, we asked him if the medicine was intended for Mai. Mai reasoned out that she shouldn't be given as such because there was no "microabrasions". The doctor, in a cool and friendly way replied, "I thought you had any..."

With our questioning look, we said, "none".

Just a thought: Assessment should be done well. No matter how minor the injury is, correct assessment is the very first step for correct Diagnosis, Planning, Intervention and Evaluation. If it is done in a wrong way tendency is, a healthcare provider might end up putting the patient's life at risk or even death. 

A reminder: It was a good thing that Mai and I had a medical background but what about those patients who knew nothing about their condition. Healthcare providers must be responsible on what kind of patient care they should give to the patients. 

While Mai and I were in the ambulance, we joked around and laughed at the incident. We checked an unexpected incident in our growing bucketlist: 
- first time to ride in the ambulance being the patient (Mai, in her part) and S.O. in my part.
- first time to be transferred using a stretcher (Mai's part)
- first time being transported using a wheelchair 

P.S.: Riding the ambulance was the fastest way to go home! But definitely, it was something undesirable. 

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  1. Foremost, you caught me with the title of your article, at first I was enjoying reading it until Mai had to be rescued. Thank you for composing all those lessons that I and other people will learn from it. I and my friends were about to visit Campuestuhan as well during our last visit in Bacolod, but since we don't have leisure time we didn't able to make it. I as well admire you for being smart when it comes to your medical background, I hope other nurses and those that are in a medical field and has medical profession will have the same level of care and perception just like you.

    1. Thank you, Lai. It was the first time that I needed to attend to emergencies to a friend. Though I was exposed to different emergencies when I was still practicing my profession, the feeling is totally different when you need to attend to a close friend, family member or a relative. I also praise Mai for being strong and with all her presence of mind even if she was the one who needed rescuing. Once again, thank you, Lai.