The Gulp You Need for the Year-End: Drinks that You May Think Ordinary but Not!

It is Innocence Day today: December 28, 2015 and I am an hour away from an appointment and we are 4-days away before we totally change our calendar to 2016! Hurray! Let us drink to that!
On the other hand, I can't seem to stop the cascade of words rushing through my brain as if this impulse is unstoppable and so my fingers rushed into my keyboard and here I am beginning to encode what my mind is dictating my phalanges. So, let us drink into that, as well!

Having a good drink is necessary to conclude every meal that we have. The right drink is the best ending for every sumptuous buffet. We can say it is ubiquitous and at the same time, essential. So, what is your right gulp? Here are mine which I found amusing for the last days of the year 2015.

1. Sangria - Red Wine and Coke Plus Lemon
 It was sometime on November when I joined the Cebu Food Crawl and had our first stop at Ipar's Restaurante Y Bar de Tapa that I first encountered this drink. It appeared ordinary that you may think of it as soda. It has a flowery smell more like a Chardonnay or Pinot Noir wine (we can ask a wine expert for this). It had a smooth finish all the way down to your throat. A good companion for a heavy meal. 
"Sangria with Garlic Bread and Chicken Croquettes"
2. Peppermint Leaves Tea with Malunggay (Moringa oliefera"), Ginger, Honey, and Lemon
The perfect drink when you feel that you had too much in your belly. A healthy drink which is easy to produce at home. Even without the tea infuser, you can easily opt to boiling or concocting ginger and malunggay. In a cup of hot water, place the tea (the hotel uses Dilmah's Peppermint Leaves) then add your very own concoction. Add lemon to neutralize the strong smell of ginger. 
"This tea may look ordinary but its component is so healthy."
"The Tea Infuser which I really want to take home."
3. Chocolate Drink - Real and Pure Chocolate
Commercially-produced chocolate drinks are already familiar taste for us especially to kids. However, real chocolate drink is a must-try plus the benefit it has compared to what we can see in advertisement. The pure and rich flavor of cocoa is so prominent and it has a misnomer of being sweet. The real cocoa taste is bitter yet tasty. And I could testify to that when we visited "The Chocolate Chamber" during the Cebu Food Crawl. A taste of chocolate like no other; not even from the imported ones! 
"Chocolate Drink"
4. Malunggay Shake - Malunggay (Horseradish plant) is a common plant that grows in a tropical place like the Philippines. It abundance has been made useful in the culinary world and pharmaceutical industry. Though most kids hates the taste of this green-leafy tree, people found ways to make it available in the market. A healthy alternative is this Malunggay shake. The drink is superbly successful in enticing the taste of both adults and kids. Unless you ask, you cannot distinguish the taste of malunggay.The additive mango plays a great influence with it. I highly recommend this healthy and delicious drink!
"Malunggay with Mango Shake at Pink Heaven"
 5. Juicyfied - A handy and healthy drink which you can bring any where especially when you are on a certain physical activity or work-out. Instead, of grabbing a soda which only increases you sugar level and somehow could upset your stomach, Juicyfied is one great drink to quench your thirst and also replaces you sugar-level without fearing your DM tendecies.
"Juicyfied comes in different fruity and veggie flavor to choose from"

6. Hibiscus-Flower-Like Juice with Honey
Seldom that I could taste a drink that comes from an extraction of flowers. Once when I was in Shangri-la for a rose-petal cocktail and just this December last week that I had a chance to taste a hibicus-flower-like extraction. Though I already knew that flowers could be made into a juicy drink but I never thought that I had the chance to taste like it. Dried hibiscus flowers are boiled and its extracts are filtered so what remains are only its pure juice and mixed it with honey to taste. Healthy and classy drink! A thumbs up! 
"Hibiscus dried flowers; extracts could be served either hot or cold"

"Chilled flower-extracts and a perfect drink before my yoga session"
7. Sojo with Calamansi and Coke
A fusion of Korean Rice wine and native calamansi with coke is a combination for someone who wants to release one tension. It has a mild smell but with piquant after taste. Need to say more? Try it and find its exciting effect! 
"This drink is a necessary treat for someone who wants to enjoy talking and eating simultaneously."
8. Green Tea with Specs of Gold
Edible gold rings a bell. Though there are some costly cuisine which involve gold in their ingredients it is still considered extraordinaire. That was what I felt when a friend of mine who had her vacation from Japan offered to me an ordinary green tea with some specs of gold. Forgive me ignorance but I was totally in awe! 
"The tiny yellow particles you can see are edible gold!"
Well, that wraps up my year-end drinks! Cheers to the next year. I bet you had a wonderful 2015 to reminisce and may our 2016 will be a better year for us! Happy New Year in advance. Chante!
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